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  • Opening times: Mon-Fri 0900 - 1630

Bike Servicing

Standard Service

Bike servicing is very often overlooked and riders are left stranded due to a cable failure, bearing collapse or freehub body seizure. Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity. We want to make your bike better than new. It’s what we aspire to do with every bike we work on. No two bikes are the same, each one needs different care and attention.

You can expect nothing but the best bike servicing in Bristol, we will do all that is needed to the highest standard, and will only do what is needed.

It is highly advisable to have a Service every 12 months or every 2500km (1500 miles), whichever is sooner. The Standard Service starts at £72* exclusive of parts and we will discuss your specific requirements with you. The bike will have its wheels trued, bearings adjusted, tyres inflated and drivetrain lubed. We will look at the wear of the following components:

  • Chain
  • Cassette
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Chainrings
  • Headset
  • Wheel bearings
  • Cable inners
  • Tyres
  • Rims
  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Jockey Wheels

If it is deemed that these need replacing, then after your approval of the price we’ll carry out the work. If at this stage you decide not to go ahead with the service, the bike is subject to a £35 assessment fee.

Premium Service

We also offer a Premium Service from £95* exclusive of parts.  This is the most frequently sought after level of bike servicing we offer and includes everything in the Standard Service along with the following:

    • Headset strip, clean and regrease
    • Bottom bracket strip, clean and regrease
    • Freehub body strip, clean and regrease
    • Drivetrain strip, clean and regrease
    • All cable inners replaced
    • Tyre sealant replaced

If your bike has hydraulic brakes or Di2 gears then the following extra will be required:

    • Hydraulic brake bleed + £29 (both brakes)
    • Shimano Di2 firmware check/update + £14
    • SRAM Etap firmware check/update + £14

This more in-depth service will ensure creak-free riding for longer and will help prevent broken cables down the line.

    Full Strip and Rebuild

    This is the crème de la crème service if you’re looking for the very best care for your bike. The bike will get the same attention as the Premium Service but in addition I’ll strip down the whole bike, clean and polish the frame before going over every component individually. Each component will be thoroughly degreased, cleaned and regreased as necessary. The bike will be rebuilt from scratch, everything torqued up to the manufacturers settings, frame protection applied and new bar tape/grips and cables fitted as standard. Prices start from £180* exclusive of parts.

    * Please note, the above prices assume that the bike is brought in a clean condition, if cleaning is required this will incur a £18 charge.

    Further Services

    E Bike Servicing

    E Bikes come in a hugely differing array of designs so there’s no fixed cost unlike above. We service these on a case-by-case basis and quote accordingly. For instance you may want to forego suspension servicing but have the motor serviced or vice versa. We can cater to your exact requirements. Call or email us to discuss further.

    Suspension Servicing

    We can service most rear shocks, front forks, suspension linkages and dropper posts. Please see our suspension servicing page for more info!

    Wheel Servicing

    Wheels need particular love and care to keep them rolling smoothly and resistance free. We service the following branded wheelsets amongst others:

    We service all brands of hubs except anything with loose bearings e.g. Shimano.