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  • Opening times: Mon-Fri 0900 - 1630

Custom Builds

Custom Bike Builds

We specialise in custom builds – bikes and wheels. Anyone can go to the bike shop and get an off-the-peg bike. It’ll be one identical to many hundreds of others knocked out of a factory somewhere. How about we build you a one-off absolutely custom bike to meet your needs? It’ll be meticulously assembled using the correct greases and anti-seize compounds, all bolts will be torqued up to their factory specs. If you have previous bike fit measurements, it can be setup to match these (this service costs a little extra).

If you supply the frame, we can supply the groupset and finishing kit. We have accounts with most of the big brands so groupsets from Shimano and SRAM and finishing kit from Fi’zi:k, Ritchey, Thomson, Deda, Pro, San Marco, Selle Italia and Prologo to name but a few.

And if you need some wheels, we can build your dream hoops too! (See below for more details).

Bike build labour costs start from £180. Please see the bike builds page for more details.


custom bike builds
custom builds

Hand Built Wheels

It is widely known that hand built bike wheels are the best choice for riders who demand the highest level of performance and durability from their equipment. Unlike machine built wheels, which are mass produced and often lack the attention to detail and quality control that comes with hand built wheels, our expert wheel builders carefully select the highest quality components and meticulously assemble each wheel by hand. This results in a wheelset that is precisely tuned to your riding style and needs, with greater durability and strength that can handle even the most demanding terrain. So if you want a set of wheels that will give you an edge on the road or trail, come to our shop and experience the superior quality of our hand built bike wheels.

All of our wheels come with a spoke breakage guarantee. See our hand built wheels page for more details.