Carbon Repair

Carbon fibre is a wonderful material but it is very easily damaged in a crash. Techniques have developed over recent years allowing carbon frames to be repaired successfully and restored to their former glory. I outsource all carbon repairs to the guys at Target Composites. I cannot recommend the quality of their work enough. See a few photos below of some of the repairs I’ve sent their way.

If you need a repair arranging, I will deal with the disassembly, shipping and reassembly for you. Turnaround for major repairs is around 4 weeks. Prices usually start from £350 for the repair, with the paintwork restored to factory spec. Please call or email for more details.

Carbon Repair Gallery

Other Repairs


If it’s broken, I can probably fix it! Common repairs include broken spokes, chains, rims, shifters, mech hangers, cables etc.

I can also offer a range of thread repair services from stripped pannier/mudguard mounts, damaged water bottle bosses, stripped pedal threads. I can also remove most snapped bolts and restore the threads to factory spec. 

Please call or email for more details.



Does your race bike need a tune up before a big event or your training bike need a complete overhaul? Your bike is guaranteed to come out form a service riding like a dream.


Whether you’re after a pair of tubeless ready winter training wheels, featherlight climbing wheels or a race winning custom bike build, we’ve got it all covered.  


If you’re looking to fly abroad with your bike, I have a large selection of bike boxes to safely carry your bike. Click through for more details.


I take great pride in being able to modify, manufacture and repair parts where others can’t. With a mill, a lathe and the knowledge of metalwork, I can carry out complex repairs.