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  • Opening times: Mon-Fri 0900 - 1630

Suspension Servicing

fork lower service

Fork servicing

We are all guilty of running our forks longer than the service intervals suggest, aren’t we?! It’s good to at least have a lower service on your forks once a year (or 50 hours riding time, whichever is sooner). We carry wiper seals and genuine oils for most Rockshox and Fox forks and have all the tools necesary to make this a hassle free process.

We prefer to replace the wiper seals with every lower service as for the sake of a few quid it gives total peace of mind. Prices start at £70 for a lower service including seals, oils and removal/refitting to the bike. We can forego the seal replacement at your request.

Shock servicing

Air can services are so easily overlooked but that rear shock of yours takes a pounding! A little TLC every once in a while goes a long way.

By replacing the seals and oil and flushing out the accumulated debris we will prolong the life of your rear shock. If your shock needs a damper service we may need to send it away. These are often beyond the scope of all but the most specialised service centres. Prices start at £65 including seals and oils.

air can service
bearing press

Linkage bearing servicing

The last element to suspension servicing is the bearings in the linkages of the frame. There can be anywhere from 2 to 12 individual bearings that take all the mud South Wales can throw at them! 

These little fellas need looking after – a seized bearing can cost you a linkage if not a frame. If they start to spin in their housing, they quickly damage the surrounding material.

Where possible we try to replace with Enduro MAX type bearings. Prices start at £45 including bearings. Please note that due to the complexity of some frame designs this can be a very long winded job requiring the removal of the crank, bottom bracket, rear mech, rear brake caliper etc.